Jebanje Matorke

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I had gone out to the lake with Eric and his parents for the weekend. Erics mom is hot. She had been teasing me many times over the past couple of months. I was alone in the living room and Nance waved at me. I smiled back and then she put her hands up to the bottom of her top and pulled it up exposing her breasts then mouthed the words “they are yours.” I shot a boner up fast and she saw it as I rubbed it jebanje matorke. Smiling, she pulled the top down and walked away. I sat there horny and excited seeing her.

She came to me and began to suck on me deeper as she took her fingers and wrapped them around the base. Mrs Nance was so hot jebanje matorke. Hearing her moan was making me build again. Deep inside of her I pushed and pulled my cock. I felt the hot wet walls of her pussy surround and squeeze my cock. I was going to cum again jebanje matorke. I heard her inhale deeply and then begin to squeal. I had never heard that. She was starting to cum. She was pumping me hard as I felt her squeeze my cock. Her doing that and crying and moaning in quite awesome pleasure was bring me off. I told her I was going to cum again and she came almost as fast as I said that jebanje matorke. Her body shook and I had a hard time staying inside.

I started to cum and I held her tight against me as I began to shoot the hot white ropes of sperm inside of her. She arched and screamed into the pillow as she pumped me harder.

Squeezing my cock she drained all that I had jebanje matorke. I fell onto the couch next to her and she looked up at me still bent over with my cum leaking out.

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